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Our Founding Employers

We are grateful for the leadership and support of our founding Chicago Boot Camp Employers, below, and our Colorado Boot Camp Employers.

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The Institute for the Future of Law Practice provides a variety of different internship opportunities for companies and service providers.  This is a unique opportunity to access a pre-screened pool of specially trained candidates.

Internship Offerings

The Institute looks to work with companies in ways that deliver value to each company based on its own unique circumstances.  The Institute offers two standard models “Basic Internships” and “Supervised Internships,” each of which can be customized as required to meet a company’s reasonable needs.

Basic Internships

The Basic Internship model operates in a fairly traditional manner.  The Institute carefully evaluates the Company’s needs, screens the Institute’s pool of entrepreneurially minded students, and presents the Company with a small pool of pre-screened candidates who have completed at least one relevant Institute Boot Camp.  The Company selects its intern, on boards the candidate, and manages the intern directly.  We ask that the Company pay the student a fair wage of not less than $20/hour for 10-week internships and $5,000/month for 7-month internships. 

This model is ideal for Companies that are set up to host and manage interns internally.

Supervised Internships

Under the Supervised Internship model, the Company partners with one of the Institute’s participating service providers to share an intern who will perform a defined project or set of services for the Company.  The Company and the Service Partner define the project at the outset and jointly select the intern.  The Service Partner on boards, pays, and supervises the intern, and oversees the overall project. 

The Company pays the Service Partner an agreed flat fee for the project.  The project fee covers compensation to the intern in line with above guidelines and basic cost recovery for the Service Partner. The level of effort associated with each project will vary, but by way of reference, we have found that many projects can be completed successfully for ~$15,000 for a 10-week duration and ~$65,000 for a 7-month duration. 

The Supervised Internship model is ideal for companies that are not in a position to on board or supervise an intern directly.

Custom Internships

Companies may find that it makes sense to tweak one of the standard models for their circumstances.  We are happy to work with you as needed, as long as the internship provides the student with a quality experience that would qualify for credit under ABA standards.