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Traditional models of legal service are breaking down. Each year, a growing number of ordinary citizens cannot afford a lawyer to help them navigate basic legal issues related to health, finance, and family. In addition, lawyers working for large organizations are under enormous pressure to find new ways to reduce cost without increasing legal risk. These challenges require a new generation of legal professionals who possess a larger and more sophisticated set of skills to manage an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Due to lack of resources and other cultural and regulatory barriers, individual law schools cannot meet this challenge on their own. Yet,  legal employers, legal institutions, and broader society cannot afford delay.


A core group of lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals believe that the best way to fill this void is the creation of an independent nonprofit intermediary organization that can move quickly to coordinate the interests of law students, legal employers, and law schools. The intermediary organization would focus on creating an advanced multidisciplinary curriculum that delivers outstanding breadth and depth of instruction at a per-unit cost significantly lower than traditional legal education. The intermediary organization would also develop and manage a pipeline of high quality legal internships and field placements.


This new organization – the Institute for the Future of Law Practice -- will become a sought-after solution for hiring and training legal professionals. To meet employer demand, the Institute will expand to include additional law schools seeking to update their curriculum and enhance the employment options of their students. Within a decade, the impact is felt throughout the entire legal industry: educational quality goes up, total net costs go down, and the legal profession and legal education receive credit for solving a very difficult problem that affects broader society.  Join us on this critically important journey!