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2019 Internship Program

Delivering value in today’s complex, fast-changing world requires that legal professionals supplement their traditional legal skills with a breadth of knowledge across disciplines. IFLP provides a carefully selected set of students from participating law schools across the U.S. and Canada with this added training and makes them available to employers for 10-week and 7-month internships.

Program Basics

  • Rising 2Ls or 3Ls from 10-15 participating law schools
  • Have completed at least 3 modules of IFLP training
  • Employers select from pool of prescreened candidates
  • No obligation to hire if candidates don’t meet your criteria
  • Aug – Dec: Employer commitment period
  • Nov – Feb: Candidate interviews and selection
  • June: Internships commence
  • Aug: 10-wk internships end
  • Dec: 7-mo internships end
  • Legal, business or operational projects appropriate for intern’s skill set and experience
    • Recommended minimum comp10 Week Interns (rising 2Ls): $25/hour
    • 7-Month Interns (rising 3Ls): $1350/week
  • No obligation to offer future employment 


Work Projects & Supervision

Interns are available to handle legal, business or operational projects that are appropriate for the intern’s experience and skill sets. Our students have diverse backgrounds and IFLP provides you with a pre-screened pool of candidates having the skills, experience and interests most relevant to you. We offer options for both “traditional” and “supervised” internships to help ensure that your projects exceed expectations for both you and the interns.

Traditional Internships

In a Traditional Internship, the employer is responsible for the duties ordinarily associated with managing the intern, including:

  • hiring, on-boarding, and managing the intern; 
  • selecting projects and supervising activity; and
  • paying the intern.

This option is best for employers with infrastructure for hiring and managing interns.


Supervised Internships

In a Supervised Internship, an IFLP partner assume many of the duties ordinarily associated with managing interns, including: 

  • hiring, on-boarding, and managing the intern; 
  • working with employer to select appropriate projects; and
  • managing projects to completion.

For these services, the IFLP partner charges a small-mark up to cover supervision. This option is best for employers that are looking to avoid the burden and cost of hiring and supervising interns.


Employ an IFLP Intern

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