Institute for the Future of Law Practice

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2019 Boot Camps

IFLP offers two tracks of programming. The Foundational Track, which is open to rising second- and third-year law students and mid-career professionals, focuses on the skills necessary to make future legal professionals operationally aware. The Advanced Track is open to rising 3Ls and mid-career professionals builds upon the skills learned in the Foundational Track by allowing students to apply these skills in a transactional practice. Each track covers several modules, developed by a leading academic and delivered by leading industry professionals.


Foundational Track

  • Business for Legal Professionals (finance, accounting, leadership, and teamwork).

  • Process for Legal Professionals (process optimization (Lean/Sigma), project management, change management).

  • Technology for legal professionals (data center design, basic legal productivity tools, intro to advanced legal productivity tools).

  • Data analytics for legal professionals (data mining tools and techniques).

  • Industry Orientations (separate modules for a select set of industries)

Advanced Track

  • Software Licenses (common terms in license agreements and how they get negotiated).

  • Service/SaaS Agreements (common terms in service and SaaS agreements and how they get negotiated).

  • Corporate Transactions (common terms in corporate agreements and how they get negotiated).

  • Scalable Contracting (using technology and process to improve the efficiency and quality of all types of contracts).