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Legal professionals need a bigger toolbox.

The Institute for the Future of Law Practice provides training programs and a talent pipeline for the legal industry’s most advanced and sophisticated legal employers.


The Institute

Traditional legal service models are breaking down. A core group of lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals believe that the best way forward is to create an independent organization, the Institute for the Future of Law Practice, that can agilely coordinate the interests of legal employers, law students, law schools, clients, and the public interest.



law students

We worked with over 80 students during our pilot. Students completed an academic program and worked at leading companies.


Legal employers

We are working with over 20 leading companies that offer students real-world experience.


law schools

For the 2018 application cycle, we are partnering with the law schools at Colorado, Indiana, Northwestern, and Osgoode Hall (Toronto).


Our Boot Camp

The Institute of Future Law Practice is a collaboration between law schools, law firms, corporate legal departments, NewLaw service providers, and legal technology companies. The Institute’s first initiative is to build educational boot camps for rising 2L and 3L law students. The curriculum is designed to provide foundational knowledge for effective 21st-century law practice.  

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Our Curriculum

Clients have for years been complaining about their lawyers’ inability to understand the business climate in which they operate, to manage processes, projects and risks, and to cost and price effectively and in a manner that equates price and value. These complaints are founded on a skills shortfall that can be addressed with training and a willingness on the part of lawyers to continue to acquire the disciplines necessary to meet client needs.  

The Institute's Boot Camps provide training on disciplines that are necessary during the age of innovation: cost accounting, finance, process management, project management, service design, marketing, and data analytics.  



Students learn how leading law departments use process and technology to deliver legal services with new levels of predictability and efficiency.


Students gain core technical skills required by lawyers in the tech industry, including how to use basic technologies and navigate a professional environment.


Students discover finance and accounting concepts, leadership and professionalism skills, project management, valuation techniques, and presentation skills.


Students uncover the basics of the tech industry, including components of an IT stack, common product offerings, and business models used in the industry.


November 2017

The field of legal operations ... is being created by practicing lawyers and others in a somewhat ad hoc and experimental fashion ... The [Institute] would formally acknowledge the crucial and growing importance of operations to the profession by establishing a curriculum of “operationally oriented boot camps,” internships, and certification programs.

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Get Involved

The Institute for the Future Law Practice is interested in working with lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals who believe that we need a new generation of legal professionals who can work more effectively in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.



First- and second-year students at participating law schools are eligible to apply for the boot camp and internships and field placements at a participating employer.

EMPLOYER opportunities

Companies interested in a unique opportunity shape our curriculum and access a pool of specially trained candidates are encouraged to contact us.

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Companies and individuals interested in a high-impact opportunity to improve legal education and the legal profession are encouraged to support the Institute.